How to create a template

  1. The basics
    To create your own template, you must have certain skills and the understanding of how a uCoz template skeleton is built. The detailed guide on skeleton creation is available in Control Panel -> Customize Design -> Template Builder -> Sample skeleton. Here you can see an example of a design skeleton.

  2. Creation of a template from scratch
    At first a template is drawn in Adobe Photoshop (least likely other program), then it is converted into HTML and adjusted to uCoz (see item 1). Original templates are valued most of all and doesn’t require obtaining the consent of other parties to distribute them.

  3. Creation of a uCoz template out of a HTML template
    This is the easiest way of template creation. You have a ready-to-use HTML page. You only need to mark it up according to the uCoz skeleton rules (see item 1). The main difficulty here is in the creation of styles for website elements: pop-up windows, comments, forum etc.

  4. Creation of a uCoz template out of a PSD layout
    It is not the easiest way that requires good skills in conversion to HTML. You have a PSD layout (downloaded or ordered from a designer) as a PSD file. Open it in Photoshop, cut and adjust the graphics, save it as files (jpg,png,gif). Then, convert it into an ordinary html page. As soon as you are done, see item 1.

  5. Adjustment of a template from another CMS
    It is more difficult that in case of PSD, but not less interesting. There are lots of websites that offer templates for downloading (including free templates) for popular CMS (Wordpress, DLE, Joomla). Select the template you like and download it. Then adjust the template structure of this CMS to the uCoz template structure.

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