How to install a template?

You downloaded a template from our website and don’t know how to install it to your website. This tutorial will help you do this.
You will find a text file with the installation guide in each template archive file. This tutorial gives only the general information on how to install a template to a uCoz website.
  1. Download the template you like. It must be an archive file (rar, zip). If it is a paid template, click “Buy template”, follow the instructions and after the payment you will get the download link.

  1. Then open the archive file and make sure that it contains all you need: the common template tmpl.txt, the styles (css), the folder with images. An archive may also contain other files, usually each archive has its own installation tutorial, so don’t be lazy and read it.
  1. Make sure that all the necessary modules are activated (if you install a template, and then activate a new module - the module design will be displayed incorrectly).
  2. Go to the website Control Panel » Customize Design » Template Builder.

  1. Open tmpl.txt (e.g. with the help of Notepad), copy the whole text (ctr+A, ctr+C), and paste it into Template Builder.

  1. Then go to Style Sheet in Control Panel » Customize Design » Style Sheet (CSS). Find the file with CSS in the archive (it may be a file with the .css extension, e.g. styles.css, or a text file, e.g. css.txt). Copy the whole text (ctr+A, ctr+C), and paste it into the opened window of the website Control Panel.

  1. Upload the images from the downloaded archive via File Manager: Control Panel » File Manager; or via FTP-manager. Usually it is a folder named “img” or “images”.

  1. That’s all, open your website and enjoy the new design!

Video tutorial:

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